September 9, 2018

Playing Catch Up

So, it's been almost 2 months since my last post here on my blog. I don't know where the time went but I'm sorry for not writing and posting here more. I really cant explain myself or my absence. So, lets catch up a lil, heres my last 2 months:

In 2 months I completed an internship in Chicago, moved twice, started my senior year, celebrated my 21st birthday, helped my best friend with a breakup, decorated a whole apartment, finished my tattoo, and so many other things I'm probably forgetting. 

I'm finally settled in my new apartment (apartment tour to come soon) in East Lansing. Last year I had a 4 bedroom townhome and now its just me, Brooke, and my cat. 

I fully expected Chicago to be all inspiring and cause me to post on my blog more, start vlogging, and take amazing pics for the gram but I was kinda mistaken. Don't get me wrong, Chicago was wonderful, I learned so much at my internship but the city was not what everyone cracked it up to be. I didn't feel inspired, maybe its because it was a temporary home and I couldn't fully settle in. 

But, now that I'm back and surrounded by my friends and people that bring out my creativity, I'm ready to rock and roll again. 

Stay tuned, I promise I won't let another 2 months go by this time.

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