May 10, 2018

10 Facts About Me

Recently I have had a bunch of new followers on the gram as well as some new people messaging me about my blog so I figured I would do a little introduction of myself and my quirks.

I'm Taylor, a newby blogger still working out the kinks. I grew up in NC and have always read blogs, I'm talking since middle school. I moved to Michigan to attend Michigan State University and recently started my blog last November. Holy hell have I grown since then, not only online but into myself. Scrolling through my blog posts and pictures makes me cringe but it's a process and I'm so grateful for those of you who have dealt with my craziness through this whole process.

So, I'll stop blabbing... Here are 10 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I have 4 tattoos: My first of which my friend did with a sewing needle (they're normally called prison tattoos or stick and poke) on our senior prom night. Cliche right. It is on the bottom of my left foot and its a smiley face. Funny thing is they told me it would wear off after like 2 years max but its been almost 5 and that baby isn't going anywhere. I also have 2 swallows (as in the bird) on each arm right above the back of my elbow. I had these done in Asheville, NC when I was 19 and I absolutely love them. The reason why I chose swallows is because no matter how far they go, they always find their way back home. And my last tattoo I got last year on the side of my middle finger that reads "go". I use this as a reminder that life doesn't always have to be so schedule oriented and planned and that sometimes the best experiences and memories happen if you just "go".

2. I am terrified of bees:  Nothing in this world scares me like a bee or wasp does. There is something about the sound that makes me run. I totaled my first car because there was a bee inside of it thats how petrified I am of them.

3. I changed my major: I went into college thinking I wanted to go to med school. Hell was I wrong about that. I recently changed my major to Creative Advertising with a concentration on copywriting. Loving it so far and I got an internship with little to no experience.

4. I like drinking warm water when I eat ice-cream:   This probably sounds so weird, because it is. I'm not a fan of anything cold when it comes to food, I hate ice water. So, when I eat ice-cream I drink warm water because the sensation is super cool and I hate brain freezes.

5. I work 3 jobs:  I go to school full time like any other student but I also work 3 jobs. I am a student ambassador for Cengage textbooks, I am a full time nanny, and I work at my apartment complex. Im never not working and when I'm not clocked in at a job I am working on my blog.

6. Growing up I had a horse: I was never coordinated enough for soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, or any sport really for that matter. I lived the dream that every little girl wants of owning their own horse. I competed/rode horses for what is probably like 8 years of my life but had to give it up in high school. It was either owning a horse or a car and I couldn't drive my horse to school so we know what happened there.

7. Im lactose intolerant: but I'll be damned if I'm ever going to give up coffee, pizza, ice-cream, any of the good things in life.

8. I'm as blind as a bat: Truly I cannot see anything without my contacts or glasses. I love being grandma when I'm 20. Yes I knit, yes I'm blind, and yes I have a cat.

9. I have 10 piercings: This one sounds intense but it really isn't. I never take them out and they're a part of who I am and my style. I have 3 holes on each lobe, a cartilage on my right ear as well as a rook and conch piercing. On my left I have my daith pierced, which let me tell you was the worst pain of my life...

10. I eventually want a full sleeve: I'm slowly beginning this process this summer while living in Chicago and I'm so freaking excited! More to come, not spoiling that secret until its done.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how weird I am and what makes me, well ya know, me? What are your quirks? No matter how put together I may look on social media I am a true dork and a weird one at that. No one is as put together as they seem online. We're all human.

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May 6, 2018

Wild Thing

When it comes to spring and summer looking cute really isn't my strong suit. I live for winter and fall with boots and chunky kits. I'm forcing that to change this year. No gym clothes no matter how hot it is outside.

When I was at Nordstrom Rack recently I HAD to purchase this Free People romper. Its truly like pajamas in the best way possible and is so freaking versatile I'm in love.

So, to get me out of my summer lack of style rut that I've always done I'm stock piling rompers, jumpsuits, 2 piece sets and all the dresses. There just easy breathable pieces that can be styled in a ton of ways.

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 What're your summer style go to pieces? I need help! 

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