April 8, 2018

What's In My Bag?

I recently purchased this purse when at Target, because Target just knows how to murder my wallet. But, this bag will be perfect for my internship this summer in Chicago. It can hold my massive iPad with ease and has a front pocket so my keys and phone are easily accessible. Also it zippers on the top locking everything in, and it was super inexpensive so if it gets banged up I won't be heartbroken. Currently restraining myself from buying it in black, I just love it that much.

So, on to the good stuff... Here's what I keep in my bottomless pit of a purse:

The Necessities:
-A planner: I use this one as a day to day planner, its laid out like a dream and not to mention the cover is damn cute
-My iPad and Pencil: ever since purchasing these bad boys my Mac has been collecting dust
-My Wallet: obviously this is a given
-Sunglasses: These are a cheaper alternative for some RayBans because I normally just toss my sunglasses in my bag
-Key Holder: I keep all my keys that I dont use too frequently in this little snap case, it keeps my key ring pretty simple and helps me avoid my keys scratching things in my purse such as the iPad, my phone, etc.

The Lips:
Okay do not judge me on this! I have a reasoning...so, if I choose a lip to wear I apply it in the morning and put it in my purse to reapply throughout the day. I then forget about it and I end up having 11 lipsticks in my purse, all practically the same shade. You can never have too many pinky-nudes right...?

The Perfumes: 
How I smell depends on my mood I guess is how I'll justify this

The Randomness:
-Secret Deodorant Ball: this this is awesome especially since I work like 13 hour days
-Mini Tabasco: I have no explanation for this
-Gum: I drink too much coffee

So, here's the 5 pounds of randomness I carry on my shoulder everyday. What are some of the things you can't live without having in your purse?

PS: if you also have a baby Tabasco in your purse we should be best friends

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