April 12, 2018

My Texture and Volume Must Haves

When it comes to my hair I can't seem to kill it. Many of you would say that its a blessing but truthfully it's not all that its chopped up to be and its a giant pain to get some volume into my hair.

My hair is super thick and heavy, so, even if I try and spray hair spray in it it will eventually fall straight and glossy, which to me is not the look I am trying to achieve. I try and go for a messy, lived in look, kind of like you rode around with your head out the window of a car to be honest.

So, when trying to achieve volume I look for light weight products that won't weight my already heavy hair down while focusing on volume at the roots and texture throughout.

Heres' what I use to do so:

Dry Shampoo: 
When I decide to style my hair I can usually ride it out for 3-4 days with the help from dry shampoo, and it adds a little grit which I'm fond of. After trying probably 15 dry shampoos I've narrowed it down to my 2 favorites that smell amazing, are cost effective and leave no white cast: 
- Not Your Mothers Clean Freak: I have a travel size of this in my backpack and car its that good
-Dove Detox and Purify: This feels refreshing on the scalp and the scent lasts all day

Volume and Texturizers: (definitely not a real word but lets roll with it)
Roots: To give my roots that lift I SWEAR by these 2: 
-R&Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste: yep, its a paste, you scoop it out, rub it between your hands and it turns into an oil practically, it dries down and give so much grit and texture I love it, their packaging is amazing and it smells great too. Also, it can work on the ends of your hair too to achieve that beachiness. 
-Purology Pure Volume: again, smells amazing, lifts the roots, and does what it promises
Everywhere else: for overall texture I use: 

Here's a tip: At Ulta, Not Your Mothers brand is almost always BOGO 50% off, if you're in the market and they're not on sale just wait because there already so inexpensive that they become an insane bargain once on sale.

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