March 25, 2018

Western and Houndstooth

Michigan spring weather is the type where its freezing cold in the morning and warm as the day goes on, it kind of gives you the misconception that its fall... I’m avoiding my parka as much as possible and in exchange layering up with some stylish alternatives I can easily toss in my backpack or car as the day gets warmer. 

These pictures were taken throughout a girls day full of shooting pics, chowing down on Shake Shack and a little thrifting in Detroit. We started in the morning when it was still kind of chilly outside, I’m talking like 30 degrees chilly. I looove me some good transitional pieces so I decided to I layered a houndstooth blazer over this cardigan with a tee underneath, so, throughout the day as we were walking, shopping, and grabbing chow I was always ready to add or take off layers to stay comfy.

Also, these boots are my newest obsession. They're so reasonably priced, comfy as hell, and not real leather so I've been able to wear them in Michigan's unpredictable weather without worrying about ruining them or getting them covered in salt stains. Not to mention they're western and I'm 110% on board with the western vibes that'll be hitting the streets this spring. 

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Pics by Nat



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