February 5, 2018

The Perfect Pant

A moment of silence for these pants please... Okay, I just needed all y'all to bask in their glory for a second. When I saw these jeans on my new friend and style icon/role model/god Lisa Prang I knew I had to have them and when Free People did their 40% off sale I jumped on my laptop and bought them for $40... SAY WAH. Still in shock. Unfortunately they're out of stock and I really am not sure if they're going to make a reappearance, sad. 

The styling options of these bad boys is insane, sweaters, tanks, graphic tees, the whole nine. They're just perfection in pant form and you'll be seeing a lot of them so be warned.

Imma keep it short and sweet and end it there. 

Shop the Look: 


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