January 3, 2018

Yet Another Winter Floral

I am forcing myself to wear dresses although its winter. Contrary to what you see here on my blog... I wear jeans everyday day,  and I mean, every day. Jeans are practically my leggings, call me crazy. There's something about wearing dresses, especially florals, that make you feel extra girly and on top of the world. I dig it. 

I'm not too big on extra-girly florals, I love to give them my own lil twist, hence why I added some other textures and a lil bit of edge to this look. 

Also, I'm currently kicking myself while writing this noticing my hair tie on my wrist. What can I tell you, I may look composed and put together in pictures but I definitely don't have my s#!t together thats for sure. I' m human too and definitely not perfect. Like for real, look at how linty this cardigan is. I can't make this stuff up.

Shop the look: 

Scarf (handmade by my babe)    Hat   Dress     Hat     Cardigan 


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