January 30, 2018

Overall Of It

Let's get personal shall we? Well to start, I'm over it. 
I'm a full time student who's also working full time, that's 16 credit hours and 40 hours a week working 3 jobs. It's a little much sometimes I'm not going to lie. I pay for practically everything and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in bills... car, rent, the whole nine. I know my life could be so much worse, trust me, I'm aware. 

On Instagram my life looks easy or carefree but thats quiet the contrary. That is something I wish to change, I want to be more raw to you guys, and personal, I'm not perfect, either is my blog, social media or life.

 I feel so stuck... if that makes sense? I can't be the spontaneous person I strive to be because my life is so schedule oriented I have no room or time to breathe. For God sake I even got the word "go" tattooed on my finger to help myself let go of my scheduled life and just "go". 

I'm also over being in a creative rut. I feel so stuck and uninspired, anyone got any tips to get me out of this? Im trying to kickstart my creativity by wearing funkier shit, let's hope this works.

Now I'm rambling and you're probably over me complaining so I'll stop. 

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