December 9, 2017


This pic definitely captures my feelings of it being 50 and sunny in December, not to mention in Michigan. I was fully expecting to have another fall semester finals week trucking' it through the snow to the library. But, hey, you don't see me complaining. It seems as if there's a cold front about to hit the mitten, do expect to see me still rocking florals even in the snow.

Im on a kick lately. Prints, prints, prints, and yeah, maybe some more prints. I just can't seem to get enough, especially florals like my last post here. I am even more so obsessed with the juxtaposition of hard and soft... soft florals and hard accents. 

This dress though, its lined with a thicker liner so you can wear it year round. Im in love with the way it moves, it's detailing, everything. You get the point. 

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