November 2, 2017

Who Goes Dark For Fall Anyways?

Ya know that feeling when you're leaving the hair salon on cloud nine? Yeah, I do too but it hasn't always been that way. I've had some horror stories when it comes to my hair; ranging from bangs to a Nicki Minaj accidental ombré... not cute. 

Ever since I started seeing Becca at Salon 416 in Fenton, Michigan I have been constantly in love with my hair (in love is an understatement). She's honestly a miracle worker. 

We decided to lighten it up this time around even though thats reverse of what the fall trend is when it comes to hair. I am so obsessed that my phone battery is drained from taking too many snapchats or opening up the camera to look at her work. Unreal I tell ya!  
If you're local to Michigan and am in need of some TLC look no further.

The link to her Instagram is right here. If you want some magic done on your hair, shoot her a DM and tell her I sent you! You definitely won't regret it. 

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