November 20, 2017

DIY Tassel Earrings

 Tassels can be found everywhere now-a-days. From purses to jackets and earrings as well. I loved them so much but couldn't justifying the price tag for something I could easily make. Tassel earrings in store will run you around $10-$25 such as these. This little DIY cost me only $4 to make and I'm full fledge addicted now. 

Keep readin' if you're feeling crafty or just curious about how I made this cute trend budget friendly!

-6 bundles of embroidery yarn (1 per each tassel) 
-2 earring brackets
-1 spool of thread
-A needle

1. Remove the bundle of yarn from the packaging.
2. Using a spare piece of thread, fold the bundle in half and place it on top.
3. Tie around the center and make sure its tight. This is crucial, so phone a friend to help.
4. Cut through the end loops so you're left with a bundle of tied string pieces. 
5. Fold the bundle in half again and tie another spare piece around the top, almost making a ghost. Again its crucial that this knot is tight, so call that friend back over one last time to help.
6. Cut off the end to make it even across the tassel. You did it, one down, 5 to go! Yay! 
7. Make the rest of the tassels, alternate colors, do a solid color theme, the possibilities are so endless.
8. Once you have all the tassels, starting with the one you want on the bottom, thread the needle and tie a large knot at the bottom. Feed the needle through the middle of the tassel. Add the rest and tie it off at the top, and cut it.
9. Loop the O ring through the top of the tassel, attach the earring piece and enjoy! 

Here's mine in black too! 

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