November 30, 2017

Love More

Winter is fast approaching and for some ungodly reason it has yet to snow in Michigan other than some flurries here and there. I'm slightly nervous... Does this mean that winter is going to start late and last literally until May? I hope not... Yes I love sweaters and chunky knits but not that much. 

Since its been in the 40s-50s here in the mitten as of late, I'm utilizing all my chances to wear graphic tees and leaving my parka at home. 

So that whole, no white after Labor Day rule? I'm over it and I assume everyone else is as well. I could NOT pass up this Coach bag at the outlet.. I got it for under $100 and pretty much fainted when I saw it. Yup, I got the matching wallet too...

But, these pants ... *pause for dramatic effect* are even more comfortable than leggings if thats even possible. They're perfect for the holidays, work, running errands, literally any occasion. You need them in your life to say the least. 

Shop the look: 

Pants     Tee     Hat      Boots     Purse (similar)


November 27, 2017

Cold Shoulder Casual

Sundays are my days for treating myself to a coffee and running hours worth of errands. I love Sundays but they also give me anxiety... It's kind of like impending doom for the upcoming busy week I have ahead. 3 jobs and class can be a little much sometimes but with winter break fast approaching I guess I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yay! I cannot wait to be back in my little hometown of Pinehurst, it's been 6 months too long.

Shop the look: 
 Jeans     Shoes      Purse (similar)       Sweatshirt     Jacket


November 23, 2017

5 Lipsticks That'll Survive Thanksgiving

So, you want to look cute for family photos but are still wanting to eat to your heart's content... Right? Well, we've all been there; eating in public, on a date, or just pain having a great meal and look in the mirror after and somehow your lipstick made it to your eyelids and everywhere else in between. 

This Thanksgiving I wanted to seek out the best long wearing lipstick that'll survive everything from drinks to dessert, and to furthermore try them on and share them with you!

I hope you wear a bold lip and wear it confidently while stuffing your face with all the fixin's!

NYX Lip Lingerie

 The NYX Lip Lingerie are my all time favorite drug store liquid lip. You really can't beat a $7 comfortable, long wearing formula like these. The Lip Lingerie line is my favorite, there is truly a nude for every possible skin tone. Im especially obsessed with the shade Cashmere Silk that I'm wearing here.

Shop em here!

Nudestix Boho

I could talk about my love for Nudestix for hours. I have yet to find a better, long lasting crayon formula lipstick. The best thing about the Nudestix line, especially the mattes, are they're so versatile. All the products can be used on the eye, lips, and cheeks, and are totally paragon free. Toss this in your purse for the holidays and you've got it all. 

Here I'm wearing the shade Boho, shop it here.

Lorac Pro Liquid Lipstick

Love love love this pumpkin colored lip from Lorac. For a "middle" end liquid lip, Lorac's formula doesn't disappoint. It'll last through everything from mimosas in the morning to pumpkin pie at night.

Here they are at Ulta, I believe I'm wearing the shade Sienna.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lips.. where do I even start? At $6 a pop I wonder why I don't have every shade they offer. Unfortunately they cannot be purchased in store and maybe that's why I'm deterred. I order this shade Privacy Please on a whim and I'm so glad I did! Isn't it the perfect pop of color for the holidays that isn't a red? I'm in love.

Shop these gems here.

Nudestix Stiletto

I love the Nudestix matte formula I included it twice. The matte pictured here, Stiletto is the best blue based red. As I mentioned, it can be used all over. From a really graphic eyeliner to a monochrome shadow and cheek look this red can do it all, and you won't have to stress about reapplying.

If you're in need of the perfect red, look no further than here.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so unbelievably thankful for all of you who take the time to read my post. It truly means the world to me. 

Keep watch on my Instagram, there may be something heading your way to show you really how thankful I am! 


November 20, 2017

DIY Tassel Earrings

 Tassels can be found everywhere now-a-days. From purses to jackets and earrings as well. I loved them so much but couldn't justifying the price tag for something I could easily make. Tassel earrings in store will run you around $10-$25 such as these. This little DIY cost me only $4 to make and I'm full fledge addicted now. 

Keep readin' if you're feeling crafty or just curious about how I made this cute trend budget friendly!

-6 bundles of embroidery yarn (1 per each tassel) 
-2 earring brackets
-1 spool of thread
-A needle

1. Remove the bundle of yarn from the packaging.
2. Using a spare piece of thread, fold the bundle in half and place it on top.
3. Tie around the center and make sure its tight. This is crucial, so phone a friend to help.
4. Cut through the end loops so you're left with a bundle of tied string pieces. 
5. Fold the bundle in half again and tie another spare piece around the top, almost making a ghost. Again its crucial that this knot is tight, so call that friend back over one last time to help.
6. Cut off the end to make it even across the tassel. You did it, one down, 5 to go! Yay! 
7. Make the rest of the tassels, alternate colors, do a solid color theme, the possibilities are so endless.
8. Once you have all the tassels, starting with the one you want on the bottom, thread the needle and tie a large knot at the bottom. Feed the needle through the middle of the tassel. Add the rest and tie it off at the top, and cut it.
9. Loop the O ring through the top of the tassel, attach the earring piece and enjoy! 

Here's mine in black too! 

November 15, 2017

Lets Get Away From Here, Lets Go

I know I'm not alone when I say that the rain makes me want to toss on my biggest and oldest pair of worn in sweatpants I own. But, a little rain isn't going to stop me from dressing somewhat cute. No matter the weather conditions, I take pride in looking somewhat put together. Being ready for the day makes me feel like I've accomplished at least one thing on a rainy lazy day.

My mantra is "look good, feel good, do good". Not a day goes by where I don't, at a minimum, swipe on mascara and a tinted moisturizer like this one from Urban Decay. 

Here's an example of my perfect rainy day errand running outfit to stay cozy while still looking fashion forward. 
Jeans: Free People
Sweater: Forever 21
Cardigan: Gap but similar here at Forever 21
Sneakers: Target (available in store)
Satchel: Coach 
Hat: Vintage (similar here)



Here's a playlist of my rainy day jams.. give it a listen.    


November 6, 2017

Aside from Christmas, the Sephora VIB sale is the most wonderful time of the year to me. When else can you get 20% off the products you use everyday? 

For me... The week of VIB is when I close my eyes, open my wallet, and attempt to justify the splurge. This year I have a few things on my list as well as some things I think you all should pick up... Why not? Its 20% off!

If you're not a Sephora Rewards member you can use the code 20FORROUGE at checkout November 10-15th. This gives you 2 days to stock your cart! 

So here's my Sephora VIB recommendation round up! Brace your wallets.


*Don't forget to click the arrow on the right to see more and all pictures once clicked take you to Sephora! Happy Shopping*
If you have any questions or are curious about the products I've chosen please please please DM me on Instagram or comment on this post! I love to talk all things beauty and would love to help you fill your cart!



Tall & Tan and I'm Not Talking About Me

Truth be told I'm only 5'5... and I like to fake it till I make it. The one surefire way that I know will make me feel tall is in knee high boots. The ones I'm wearing are last season from Express and are so cozy that they can be worn all day, pain free.

This oversized tee from Free People is all that I could ever dream for. A high fashion look but the feeling of still being in your pajamas in public, sign me up. 

 Outfit Details:
Boots: similar here
Scarf: vintage Levi's
Hat: similar here

November 2, 2017

Who Goes Dark For Fall Anyways?

Ya know that feeling when you're leaving the hair salon on cloud nine? Yeah, I do too but it hasn't always been that way. I've had some horror stories when it comes to my hair; ranging from bangs to a Nicki Minaj accidental ombré... not cute. 

Ever since I started seeing Becca at Salon 416 in Fenton, Michigan I have been constantly in love with my hair (in love is an understatement). She's honestly a miracle worker. 

We decided to lighten it up this time around even though thats reverse of what the fall trend is when it comes to hair. I am so obsessed that my phone battery is drained from taking too many snapchats or opening up the camera to look at her work. Unreal I tell ya!  
If you're local to Michigan and am in need of some TLC look no further.

The link to her Instagram is right here. If you want some magic done on your hair, shoot her a DM and tell her I sent you! You definitely won't regret it. 

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